Quirke DNA Project

Through traditional and genetic genealogy, I learned that my paternal ancestry traced its origins to southern Ireland. I also learned that Kirk - my original paternal surname - was a genetic match to people with the surname Quirke (or O'Cuirc in traditional Irish).

Learn more about how that story unfolded in Surname Evolution: A Y-DNA Journey From Ohio to Ireland.

The Quirke DNA Project will test the Y-DNA of direct male Quirke descendants and assemble their known genealogy to trace the family's written and genetic ancestry. 

The Quirke DNA Project is open to anyone genetically related to the Quirke surname (including spelling variations such as Quirk, Kirk, and O'Cuirc). 

Like surnames, Y-DNA is passed down the male line from father to son. Tracing the Y-DNA signature of living Quirke men can help us learn more about the family's common history.

At the Who Do You Think You Are - Live conference in April 2017, Dr. Maurice Gleeson gave a lecture on Researching Your Surname With Y-DNA. In detailed remarks, he illustrates the value behind Y-DNA testing for surname research. This approach guides the Quirke DNA Project. 

Get Involved
While the group is open to anyone with a genetic link to the Quirke surname, we are particularly focused on recruiting men whose surname is Quirke and can take a Y-DNA test (only men are eligible for this test).

If you're interested (or know someone who is), the first step is to order and submit a Y-DNA test, which can be done with Family Tree DNA:


Then be sure to join the Quirke Surname Research Project at FTDNA:


Lastly, join the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Quirke/

If you have questions about which test to order or are interested in joining the Quirke DNA Project, please email familysleuther@gmail.com. 

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