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A couple years ago, I stumbled onto a non-paternal event after discovering a birth certificate for my paternal grandfather that listed his father as Jimmy Kirk. Jimmy Kirk was not my great-grandfather's name. At least not the name of the man I believed to be my great-grandfather.

Shortly after this discovery, I heard a family rumor that my great-grandmother had a relationship with a man who worked at the water reservoir beside her home. 

Both traditional and genetic genealogy have identified my biological paternal great-grandfather as Samuel Kirk. That research odyssey is outlined in the blog series below Uncovering My Kirk Roots.
    Research Question:
    After I mapped out Samuel Kirk's paternal ancestry, I reached the paternal line brick wall with my 5th great-grandfather Thomas Kirk (1778-1846). Who were Thomas Kirk's parents and what were his ancestral origins?

    Cast of Characters (Thomas Kirk's Children):
    • Vachel Kirk: 1807 – 1832 (d. Ohio), married Jane Delzell 
    • William Kirk: 1807 – 1888 (d. Illinois), married Nancy Anna Swisher 
    • Andrew Kirk: 1809 – 1809 (d. Ohio), died in infancy 
    • James Kirk: 1811 – 1875 (d. Illinois), married Kezia Patterson 
    • George Kirk: 1813 – 1813 (d. Ohio), died in infancy 
    • Thomas Kirk Jr.: 1814 – 1895 (d. Ohio), married Hester Patterson 
    • Jane Kirk: 1816 – 1886 (d. Illinois), married 1. Lloyd Tracy, 2. Joseph Bottenfield 
    • Sarah Kirk: 1817 - ?
    • Joseph Kirk: 1818 – 1901 (d. Illinois), married Eunice Tracy 
    • Rachel Kirk: 1820 – 1852 (d. Illinois), married Joseph McConn 
    • Greenberry Dorsa Kirk: 1821 – 1859 (d. Illinois), married Abigail Medford 
    • Anna Kirk: 1823 – 1888 (d. Iowa), married Jacob Rhodes
    • Hugh Kirk: 1826 – 1856 (d. Illinois), married Jane Hartsock

    Uncovering My Kirk Roots (The Serial Blog That Started it All):

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