Sunday, September 29, 2013

Have You Seen Us?

Family historians makes lists. They keep tabs on research they've done and research they need to do. I have these lists, too. I also have a wish list.

Like all genealogists, I'm interested in tracing my lines as far back as the paper trails will allow me. But, whenever possible, I'm also interested in getting a sense for who these people were. In the absence of firsthand accounts and stories, photographs provide a powerful assist.

Nothing is more awing than uncovering a picture of someone from whom you descend and whom you've never seen before. It's fascinating to discern similarities - physical characteristics you likely inherited. It's interesting to witness history in black and white as told through clothing and background. Perhaps the subject is wearing a military uniform or is posing alongside the family homestead. The cliche rings true - a picture really is worth a thousand words.

My wish list includes direct ancestors who lived during the age of photography, and therefore quite possibly sat for a photographer during their lifetime. The challenge is mapping out who inherited the family heirlooms including photo albums.

My wish list includes the following direct ancestral grandparents. Have you seen them? If yes, email me:
  • Nancy C. (Rosenberger) Bair Clyde, died 1899 in Ladora, Iowa
  • Mary Ann (Miser) Benedick, died 1901 in Plainville, Kansas
  • Nunzio Carmine Colacci, died 1928 in Boiano, Italy
  • Lucia Serafina (Rico) Colacci, died 1890 in Boiano, Italy
  • Sophronia (Rogers) Dornon, died 1872 in Wyandotte, Kansas
  • George Henry Hawks, died 1906 in Benton, Arkansas FOUND!
  • George C. Haworth, died 1896 in Cuba, Kansas FOUND!
  • Phoebe (Lula) Jarvis Stephens Kennedy, died 1945 in Los Angeles, California FOUND!
  • Andrew Lamb, died 1911 in Brighton, Vermont
  • Susan Mary (Caswell) Lamb, died 1915 in Island Pond, Vermont
  • Francis Lamb Stephens, died 1923 in Maricopa County, Arizona FOUND!
  • Susan Elizabeth (Day) Stevens, died 1919 in Idaho Springs, Colorado FOUND!
  • William John Stevens, died 1916 in Idaho Springs, Colorado FOUND!
  • John Wesley Upton, died 1899 in Greenland, Arkansas
  • Martha (Bowen) Upton, died 1903 in Fayetteville, Arkansas
  • William B. Upton, died 1904 in Muskogee, Oklahoma
  • Mary Jane (Calfee) Wagnon, died 1914 in Washington County, Arkansas
  • Caroline (Reed) Williams, died 1930 in Rolla, Missouri
  • Johnson Williams, died 1943 in Rolla, Missouri

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