Friday, June 5, 2015

Brace Yourself For the Terrible Twos

Yesterday's Genealogy Blogging Beat from GeneaBloggers reminded me of an important anniversary - this blog's birth date!

Two years ago on June 4th, I published my first post. Since that time, I've made great strides in my family history research, including:
  • Attending genealogy conferences across the country.
  • Collaborating with cousins to tackle longstanding family mysteries like when and where Burr Zelah Dornon died, and what were the circumstances that led to George Henry's surname changing from Jucket to Hawks?
  • Leveraging social media to uncover family treasures (Tweet & Tell: Oral History Surfaces and Facebook Tags Forgotten Ancestor).
  • After the loss of my maternal grandmother in October 2014, traveling with my mom and aunt on a 10-day family history road trip that covered 5 states, over 2,100 miles, and visits to the graves of 36 direct ancestors. 
  • Researching the Civil War service of two 3rd great-grandfathers at the National Archives, and discovering the biggest killer in the War of the Rebellion wasn't bullets but disease. Disease in the Civil War remains my most popular blog post. 
Much has been accomplished. Much remains to be discovered. I have high hopes for channeling the wild energy of my terrible twos to make for another productive year of family sleuthing. Brace yourself!