Sunday, November 19, 2023

Celebrating A Decade Blogging Family History

I can hardly believe it, but this year marks a milestone in my family history journey. I'm celebrating my decennial blogiversary!

Where has the time gone?

Ten years ago, in June 2013, I started the Family Sleuther blog to uncover my family's forgotten history. Amy Johnson Crow’s 52 Ancestors initiative prompted me to make blogging a habit. Soon, I was routinely researching and publishing.

Propelled by a desire to rediscover my kin, I sought out ancestors whom the world had long forgotten. As the poet Marie Howe wrote, “I am living. I remember you.”

And remember I have done. Across 284 blog posts (this is #285!), I’ve racked up over 524,000 total views and nearly 1,400 comments.

I’ve learned a lot about the science and art of genealogy while making some dramatic discoveries. For example:
I've also been fortunate to travel across the country and even overseas on same amazing family history road trips, retracing and documenting the steps of my ancestors. 

The author during a family history road trip to Licking County, Ohio.

Sometimes, I return to past blog posts and am reminded of discoveries that have already escaped my memory. Writing my family history has been helpful to process my way through the information I'm uncovering and preserving it for posterity. It's made me a better genealogist.

As I celebrate this milestone and look forward to the decade ahead, I invite you to blog your family's history. I suspect that a year from now (or ten) you'll be grateful you took steps to help safeguard your ancestors' stories for the future. As I walk down memory lane, I know I sure am!


  1. Michael, Congratulations on a decade of blogging. You sure have an interesting array of ancestors. I haven't been lucky enough to find any unusual stories in my own family tree.

    1. They are a fascinating cast of characters, always keeping the research interesting. Thanks for following along.

  2. Kudos on a decade of blogging. There are plenty of ancestors left to track down and life events to bring to light.
    Like you, I am often "reminded of discoveries that have already escaped my memory" as I review old posts. I'll be looking back on a decade in January.

    1. Thanks for your many comments over the years, Cathy. I appreciate the engagement as it challenges me to consider new research avenues and encourages me to keep sleuthin'. Looking forward to celebrating your decennial milestone in January!